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Avi thumbnails not updating vista 64

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Long time ago I was able to play AVI movies without any problem, but now only I can heard only the sound.

This should allow a to show in the folders in question to allow thumbnails. On the Visual Effects tab, be sure the option Show thumbnails instead of icons is checked. 2 Ensure the pictures are JPEGs or some other format for which Vista can show thumbnails. Now, browse any folder you want and Windows will create the thumbnails on the fly, but won't save them to disk. When I go to to display settings, I cannot change to Aero on the laptop, because Aero is not on the dropdown menu. You can change this under display settings in the personalization menu. If your graphics score of 3.1 is the lowest of your component scores, you should be able to run Aero.

thanks for chiming back in to let us know what worked.

i have a question though, with the installation of that - do you happen to get thumbnails of the actual video files?

i had the thumbs once but lost them at some point a long time ago and have never seen them come back.

not meaning to jack this thread - just curious as to if after installing that codec, weather or not you might get the thumbs? @Vissy - The reason you don't see thumbnails is because you have all your videos associateed with VLC.