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Whatever the cause, the reality for commitment-phobes is that they are scared of these past hurts occurring again, and find it difficult to trust that things will be different in their current relationship.

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The main thing is: it's going to make your friends sit up and take notice. It's going to get them inviting you over for dinner with two, three, even four single men for company. Your friends are the people who are most likely to know the next man of your dreams. Marathons and ultra-marathons Just over a year ago, I went through that great mid-life rite of passage and started ultra-ruling.

Though on this one, you'll be stuck with them for a week in the desert with blisters the size of golfballs.

This is an important first step and helps increase your chances of finding someone with whom you can build a strong relationship.

If you're looking for a date and hopefully more, take a look at the site and the various relevant profiles and see if you can't find someone who might be a suitable match.

I admire a driven person and I suppose I am looking for someone with similar traits to myself. Im new to this sort of thing but thought I would give it a go. Im quite shy at first but once I get to know someone I really open up.

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Once you’ve tried a dating night in Cardiff you’ll be hooked!

The case of Champagne (12 bottles, please, not six) is normally payable when you first, ahhhh, get to know the man. This will make you think twice before leaping into bed on the first date. I even went in for the true nutters' race, The Marathon des Sables. What happens when you reach your forties is that realise that if you don't immediately seize these dreams, then they'll have passed you by.

Now here's the clincher: You also have to pay up ANOTHER case of Bollinger for every year that the relationship lasts. Hopefully you'll be drinking a lot of it too, so it's important to be offering up a drink that you enjoy. They just need a small kick up the backside so that they can effect the introduction. That's basically running races that are longer than a 26-mile marathon.

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We endeavour to put in the groundwork so that even before you meet someone, you know that you will have a few things to connect you in a positive way.