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‘s Martin Starr) becoming obsessed with the voice of his girlfriend (Mae Whitman) when she comes into his workplace to provide the voice for a sort of Siri-type system.

With the exception of the fact that he knows and is close to the person who provided the voice, Starr’s character is almost identical to Phoenix’s wanderer.

Nanjiani, an active Twitter user with over a million followers, largely tweets about politics with a little bit of the HBO show, which debuts this Sunday, thrown in.

However, he's stopped paying attention to messages sent to him for his own mental health, he said.

His delivery is dry, his wit even drier, and it would be difficult to imagine the show working as well as it does without his balancing presence in the face of the frenetic and over-the-top absurdity in which ) while rubbing elbows with pre-super-famous James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel.

If either of the aforementioned still mean nothing to you, then know this: Martin Starr is a rap artist.

If Dermot Mulroney’s Russell is a stand-in for a particular kind of adulthood — the kind that involves a lot of money and responsibility — then Starr’s character Dirk is his polar opposite.

Collaborating with the folk/bluegrass band Common Rotation, who formed in upstate New York nearly 20 years ago, Starr has found a kindred spirit with which to express himself via spoken word and rap.

In advance of his upcoming performance with Common Rotation at ZEFR’s super-secret (not anymore) and invitation-only party at the 11th annual Advertising Week in New York City, Martin Starr visited with ZEFR to talk about , and his ever-evolving relationship with You Tube. This is not some ironic side-project related to your comedy, you are serious about music.

These guys have had it rough, and they feel like the world owes them something for their troubles. When Cece walks into the apartment and announced that someone left the door open, he replies, “Someone left your face beautiful.” You get the sense that he’s been smacked down enough that he just doesn’t care anymore — that, and he probably thinks Dylan Thomas would have used a similar line. She’s seeing someone, she says, and she’s the boss. In other words, he’s the Joan Holloway Harris of sex, or would be if that weren’t totally redundant. Cece wins him back by making him talk to her boobs, who are named Harold and Kumar.

Ideally, the world would pay them back in respect, acclaim, and super-hot groupies. But since she can tell he’s still unhappy, she dresses up as the sexcretary to seduce him.