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Wsus workstations not updating

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Both remote COM and local COM via Power Shell remoting are supported, and there's an asynchronous version using Power Shell runspaces.

I should also mention the WMI class Win32_Quick Fix Engineering, but I experienced various bugs with it, so I decided on these other approaches.

I would recommend leaving WSUS installed and merely disabling the WSUS services.

The installation of WSUS changes IIS compression settings and removing SQL server from a domain controller can be hazardous to the server, thus why I recommend to leave the services installed and merely disable them.

Here you will find a script using WSUS and one querying online servers or workstations with COM.

See this article for how to get computer names from an OU in AD or the entire AD.

There, "$servers" is an array of strings containing server names; you can use "gc servers.txt" or Get-QADComputer, Get-ADComputer or similar in its place, of course.

They were only applied to machines that experienced issues.

Patch Manager has allowed us to consistently push patches out and ensure a stable and secure environment.β€β€œIn the past, we were not easily able to deploy 3rd-party patches to clients.